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About Us

Who is Mason Sylvester?


Named for Designer, Anthony L. Marlow's late grandfather, who greatly and positively impacted his life, Mason Sylvester is a fashion brand based in New York City, whose goal is to create a new experience as it relates to fashion and retail.


Mason Sylvester was launched in 2010 when the Howard University Alum partnered with Micheal M. Marlow, a Business & Retail Management professional with over 15 years experience working for such brands as Starbucks, Macy’s, and Adidas.

To date, Mason Sylvester is an organically grown business, primarily built from word of mouth.  With just a few hundred dollars, some creativity, resourcefulness, and business savvy, Anthony and Micheal launched Mason Sylvester with a small, elegant Spring fashion presentation in Washington, DC. Soon after Mason Sylvester began showing collection in DC Fashion Week and in September of 2011, debuted their collection for the first time during New York Fashion Week. In 2012, Mason Sylvester was honored with an award from The Fashion Awards-Maryland.

The following years, Mason Sylvester continued to grow and develop their business model by relocating to New York where they continued to show in Fashion Week and other seasonal shows. In addition Mason Sylvester had several photo shoots, worked with a number of photographers and stylists, and created custom pieces for artists, entertainers, and public figures, which led to being featured in publications such as Huff and GQ Mexico Magazines. As a result the Mason Sylvester custom clientele slowly began to increase.


In 2019 Mason Sylvester was inducted into the DC Fashion Week Hall of Fame, a very full circle moment for both Anthony and Mason.




The Designer,



Prior to teaming up with Micheal, Anthony attended Howard University where he studied Architecture and Economics and graduated in 2006.  Naturally creative, even while working both in “Corporate America” and later for the Federal Government as an Analyst, Anthony always found ways to explore his talents. Being both a musician and an artist, he was never lacking opportunities to release his creative energy. It was in 2007 that Anthony decided to focus primarily on designing and making clothes and accessories. Growing up he observed how his mother, a seamstress, would make the most beautiful dresses for his little sister. Amazed, soon little Anthony began sewing himself...but by hand! Needless to say, deciding on fashion felt not only natural but exciting from the perspective of creativity.

Mission Statement


Given that the Fashion Retail industry is rapidly changing, Mason Sylvester seeks to evolve with it, by taking a different approach as it relates to the customer experience.

Living in today’s world is hard and Mason Sylvester believes that everyone deserves to feel special. Therefore, the primary goal of Mason Sylvester is to make each and every client our #1 client!

Ultimately Mason Sylvester’s mission is to expand and incorporate this approach into our retail ready-to-wear sector.  To achieve this we will continue to explore, discover, and implement innovative ways to enhance the customer/client experience in order to reach and retain a broad demographic.

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