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Who is Mason Sylvester?


Named for Designer, Anthony L. Marlow's late grandfather, who greatly and positively impacted his life, Mason Sylvester is a fashion brand based in New York City, whose goal is to create a new experience as it relates to fashion and retail.


Mason Sylvester was founded in 2010 when Anthony L. Marlow, a Howard University Alum, teamed up with Micheal. Marlow, a Business & Retail Management professional with over 15 years of experience working for renowned brands such as Starbucks, Macy's, and Adidas.

Mason Sylvester's growth and development continued as the brand relocated to New York, where it showcased its collections in Fashion Week and other seasonal shows. Countless photoshoots, collaborations with photographers and stylists, and custom pieces for artists, entertainers, and public figures have led to features in prestigious publications such as Huff and GQ Mexico Magazines. We are proud of our achievements and excited for what's to come.

Mason Sylvester is a true master of his craft. His induction into DC Fashion Week Hall of Fame in 2019 was a well-deserved recognition of his talent and dedication. Today, he continues to create stunning custom garments for weddings, proms, ballroom events, and any special occasion that demands the very best. With Mason Sylvester, you can be confident that you'll look and feel your absolute best.

The Designer, Anthony 

Meet Anthony, the talented designer who graduated from Howard University in 2006 with a degree in Architecture and Economics! Despite working in the corporate and government sectors, he never stopped exploring his creative side as a musician and artist. And in 2007, he decided to pursue his passion for fashion by designing and making clothes and accessories! Inspired by his mother, who was a skilled seamstress, Anthony found his calling and never looked back

Mission Statement


Our mission at Mason Sylvester is to adapt to the rapidly changing Fashion Retail industry by providing a unique customer experience. We believe that everyone deserves to feel special, and primary goal is to make each and every client our top priority. We aim to expand and incorporate this approach into our retail ready-to-wear sector by exploring innovative ways to enhance the customer experience and reach a broad demographic.

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