Tyrae's Wedding Gown & Reception Dress

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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

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Inspiration for Bridal Gown

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Tyrae's Wedding Gown & Reception Dress are in the beginning stages of the Design and Production process. You will receive an email as we make updates to your design order.


Size 14-16 

Design Notes & Updates

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Consultation Fee Paid - Thank You! 😊 

Saturday, Sept. 25, 2021

Bridal: 1 Wedding Gown & 1 Reception Dress

Wedding Colors: Tan, Champagne, Lavender, Olive

Client's Vision:  Bridal gown, fitted mermaid silhouette with ombre of light to lavender to plum, would like to incorporate colors of wedding (i.e. olive, etc.)


Designer's Concept: 

  • Bridal Gown:  Ivory Gown, with lavender, plum, eggplant jewel and beading embellishments. Ombre of lavender to purple(s)

  • Reception Dress: Ivory sheer corset top  & sheer ivory skirt lined with olive fabric

* Wedding gown incorporates the lavender-purple hues and reception dress the olive.  Recommend dividing the multiple wedding colors between the 2 looks to provide range & versatility for the day as it relates to style and aesthetic. Also attempting to use all the colors in one dress took away from the design; think it could be more of a distraction from the event at hand and doesn't look as clean.  Therefore to bring in all the colors in a smart way and to "wow" your guests, I thought it would be nice use one of the main colors for each dress and highlight that with the ivory to read " Bridal".

Tuesday, Oct 05, 2021

Call scheduled (at 2pm) to discuss potential changes to design. - No Answer, please contact us to reschedule.